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This has been a most unusual year for the Friends of Honolulu Botanical
The Foster Botanical  Garden finally reopened on August 14th and the Friends were permitted to reopen the Shop as well as invite people to the
Garden for activities. The Friends had been able to host a summer concerts at Ho’omaluhia and also at Wahiawa Botanical Garden. These were very well attended and we were delighted to highlight two of our lesser known gardens.
Since Foster Garden reopened we have been able to sponsor an evening concert there in partnership with the Hopa Hongwagi which was very popular on a gorgeous Friday evening and have just completed our first plant sale since before the gardens shut down with COVID. We started with a small sale just recently in September and everyone
was so excited to have a plant sale and to be back at Foster Garden.
Looking forward, the Friends are presenting “The Beginning of the Garden”,  a reenactment representing the 3 people most responsible for the opening of Foster Garden in November and an interactive Aina Momona exhibit at Ho’omaluhia over the holidays. Then a bigger and better plant sale in the spring and on we go. More news about other Educational Programs will be coming! 


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