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Volunteers are needed to assist with the Friend of Honolulu Botanical Gardens fund raising efforts. Details to be added when the next fund raising event is planned.


The Friends of Honolulu Botanical Gardens is a 501 c(3) nonprofit corporation. Membership fees and donations are tax deductible.


The Friends of Honolulu Botanical Gardens is a volunteer support organization which serves the garden system in many ways through its fund raising efforts. Membership with the Friends is open to everyone.

HONOLULU BOTANICAL GARDENS enriches and enhances our culture and provides numerous amenities that immeasurably improve the quality of our lives. These include conservation, education, research, horticulture, and recreation. 

Honolulu Botanical Gardens, often in concert with the Friends of Honolulu Botanical Gardens, conserves plants from Hawaii and around the world, educates people about plants and the impact and roles they have in our lives, is a living laboratory for botanical research, horticulturally serves as a source of plants to enhance our gardens and landscapes, and provides a green and serene retreat to recreate, renew, and refresh our mental and emotional faculties. 

The Honolulu Botanical Gardens system is unusual among botanical gardens because it encompasses four ecological sites, spanning a range of climate zones from desert to rain forest, that enable the competent staff to cultivate a vast array of well documented and curated tropical and subtropic plants that is perhaps unmatched in the world. It's an unsung treasure. Please help support it.

Donald R. Hodel, Environmental Horticulturist, University of California

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