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Shower Tree Festival

Aloha! We are thrilled to announce the revival of the Shower Tree Festival. And guess what? You can be a part of it too! Here's how you can get involved and make a difference!

Add to the Oahu Shower Tree Map on iNaturalist

1) Download the iNaturalist app from the app store and join iNaturalist

2) Join the project "Oahu Shower Tree Map"

3) Make observations and tag it to the "Oahu Shower Tree Map" project

4) Share with your Friends!

Need more detailed instructions? Click Here

Mapping will be ongoing although the best times to appreciate shower trees is while they are in bloom which can be from May through November.

Have questions? Contact us at:

What are shower trees?

Shower trees are large flowering trees that bloom during the Summer here in Honolulu. Amazingly, they are in the same family of plants as beans. Shower trees are not native to Hawaii but many hybrids like the "Rainbow Shower Tree" do not produce very few or no seeds. Even when shower trees do produce seeds, the larger animals that are known to disperse them do not live in Hawaii so these trees are unlikely to become invasive. They have been planted around Oahu and provide much needed shade and beauty wherever they grow. 

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