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A Dynamic Community Devoted to Oahu’s Five Botanical Gardens

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The Friends of Honolulu Botanical Gardens

is a support organization serving

the city’s Honolulu Botanical Gardens system

through its fund-raising efforts.

The Honolulu Botanical Gardens are comprised of five gardens on the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i.

Our site contains information about our gardens, links to botanical information and a listing of events for members and the public. Our group hosts many special events and offers instructional classes, 

special garden tours and plant sales throughout the year.


Upcoming Events + Blooms

Saturday, August 20, from 9am-11am. Green Roofs and Living Walls, Tropical Landscape & Human Interaction Lab, Hale Tuahine, Woodlawn Drive, Manoa

Dr. Andy Kauffman of CTAHR’s Tropical Landscape and Human Interaction Lab (TLHIL) will tour the facility’s green roofs and living walls systems. The TLHIL is a multidisciplinary research laboratory dedicated to studying the connection between plants, the outdoor landscape and the associated human responses. The lab draws upon the disciplines of environmental psychology, horticulture, sociology, psychology, and landscape architecture to reveal and understand people’s emotional, psychological, social and physiological responses to vegetation and outdoor designed spaces.

$15 for Members, $20 for Non-Members

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May Fundraiser a  Success

Fund raiser and Friend maker!


 U H Manoa Arboretum Tour!  



Just as the Honolulu Botanical Gardens are multi faceted, so are the areas where one can help!


You can VOLUNTEER with the Friends of Honolulu Botanical Gardens for special events, we have one coming up in September!


Become a MEMBER of the Friends of Honolulu Botanical Gardens and help us raise our numbers so we can be better advocates for the Honolulu Botanical Gardens. 


Or you can send a DONATION to help us help the Honolulu Botanical Gardens!

You can help in a Botanical Garden of your choice, or more than one!  As each one is different, so would the activities be!


Please click the JOIN button below to get started. Mahalo!

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